Dental Restorations

Dental Restorations

Restore the function and integrity of missing teeth or damaged tooth structure.

Replace or restore your missing teeth or missing parts of the tooth structure with dental restoration.

Missing, damaged or decayed teeth can be remedied through dental restorations. Various types of dental procedures are classified as restorations, such as fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures. If you are experiencing dental issues, make an appointment and we can quickly determine the problem, possible causes, and ways to treat your dental discomfort.

Below are explanations for the most common types of dental restorations.


Like most other restoration, fillings are used when a tooth It decayed or broken. Fillings are available in several materials: Gold, Silver, and Tooth Colored Plastic.


These serve as a cover for a tooth, and also known as “caps.” Crowns match the shade and shape of the appropriate tooth, and are customarily used to secure a bridge or dental implant in place.


This is a very literal name for a dental restoration- bridges technically “bridge” gaps created by missing teeth. Permanent cement holds them in place.


Dental implants often go hand in hand with crowns. A dental implant is a small piece of metal rod inserted into the root of a missing tooth, which is then customarily covered with a crown to bring that tooth in line with the others.


Dentures are designed to function like your normal teeth, but they are actually removable. This dental restoration is comprised of resin, and they look like “real” teeth- the materials have been developed and improved to create more of a normal looking mouth than ever before with dentures. It’s not always necessary to have full dentures, if the patient has some teeth, partial dentures can be used. These are held by metal clamps and attached to the patient’s original teeth.

The type of dental restoration needed is up to your dental professional. We will work with you to choose the best type of dental restoration needed. Dental restorations require the same care as you would your normal teeth. Just like your normal teeth functionality, the remedies mentioned above can still chip, break, come loose, or become stained and discolored. There are a number of factors that determine how long your specific dental restoration will last. The type of restoration, the location of it within your mouth, your personal hygiene routine and other things will affect the lifespan of your restoration.

Not only do dental restorations reestablish proper tooth function for chewing and speaking, but they also improve the way your mouth looks, to yourselves and to others, minimizing or eliminating self-consciousness. Dental fillings are used to not only restore proper tooth function for chewing and speaking after decay, injury or some other factor, but they also improve the appearance of the mouth, leveling the tooth to match the rest of your teeth.

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