Dentures are one of the best options for patients missing some or all of their teeth.

Restore Your Smile With Affordable Dentures

For patients missing some or all of their teeth, dentures are one of the best options to improve their smile. If you have severe tooth loss, dentures could be the right choice for you. And you’re not alone—approximately 25% of adults over 74 have lost all of their teeth. This can be a real burden. Missing teeth can give your mouth a collapsed, sunken appearance. However, Smiles R Us Dentistry can drastically improve this situation by fitting you with dentures.

So what are they? Dentures are rows of prosthetic teeth made to replace missing teeth on the top or bottom jaw. They are generally made of acrylic resin and metal, or plastic teeth. They are removable, and need to cleaned just like your own teeth.

Types of Dentures

There are three different types of dentures available: full dentures, removable overdentures, and partial dentures.

Complete dentures can replace and entire row of missing teeth, making them an ideal choice for patients missing all of their teeth. Patients missing only some of their teeth can opt for a partial denture, which only replaces a few teeth in succession. They are also more commonly known as dental bridges.

Partial dentures must be installed precisely, especially when being placed next to healthy neighboring teeth. However, there are also removable. These differ from fixed bridges because they are only used on patients that don’t have enough natural teeth to support the fixed apparatus. However, those patients also don’t have enough missing teeth to warrant full dentures.

Overdentures are also another option for some patients. For patients with many missing teeth, we might suggest this type of dentures. Overdentures are supported by implanted posts in the jaw. This helps to stabilize the dentures when eating or speaking.

One of the main issues patients have with dentures is the fact that they tend to move out of place throughout the day. However, there are three principles that can rectify the quality of the dentures and how well they stay in place.


When you are chewing food, dentures have a tendency to clasp tighter around the gums of your mouth. Dentures with a large amount of support are less likely to move closer together vertically to the arch that they were originally adhered to.


Horizontal movement of the dentures could be quite hazardous to patients. Most patients commonly refer to this phenomenon as “slipping and sliding.” This means that the dentures are slipping side-to-side or front to back. The quality of the denture is what keeps it from moving throughout the day. It’s important that the dentures have good contact with your edentulous crest. However, a lot of this also depends on the oral anatomy of the patient.


This principle describes how dentures move vertically away from the gums and into the lumen portion of the mouth. It is imperative that the denture artisanship is at a high level. When developed properly after studying the oral topography, dentures are able to form an effective seal in the mouth.

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