Dental Crowns

Let our experienced staff help with all of your dental crowning procedures.

dental-crowns-balitmore-dentistA damaged tooth that is cracked or broken may require a dental crown in order to restore or cap the tooth, bringing it to normal size in line with the rest of the teeth. Crowns restore the tooth back to its normal appearance, and improves the ability to chew.

When are crowns used? Crowns may be an option for those with a tooth that can’t support the procedures for bonding or porcelain veneers. Speak with your Dental Professional to determine if a crown is a solid option for your issues.

A cosmetic dentist always aims to make crowns as indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth as possible. You may be wondering if crowns feel like normal teeth- the answer is yes! We provide dental restorations that have the same texture and feel as your other teeth, and they look like the rest of your teeth too.

Used to support decaying and/or fractured teeth or teeth with large fillings, crowns support bridges and other dental implants. Your abnormal teeth don’t have to stand out, we can fix the underlying cause of the problem as well as address the aesthetics so you can smile without embarrassment.

What is the procedure for fitting a dental crown?

Expect to visit your dental professional twice to complete the process of fitting the dental crown. It’s important for the crown to be fitted correctly in order to look and feel as much like a natural tooth as possible. Also, it has to fit correctly so that no food particles can get trapped and cause even more problems down the road. The crown should fit securely over the remaining tooth, and the dentist will likely remove a part of that tooth by shaving and shaping in order to fit the crown over it correctly. A dental professional will take an impressions of your tooth/teeth with dental putty/plaster. This impression is sent to a laboratory to use in order to construct your customized dental crown-this may take a few weeks to complete. Don’t worry, you won’t be without a tooth during this phase, you will get a temporary crown to cap the tooth in the meantime.

On the second, and last, visit, your dental professional will fit and adjust your permanent crown, after removing the temporary crown, of course. Wondering how the permanent crown will stay in place? Cement! Not regular cement, but a special acid that will ensure that your “new tooth” will bond.

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